i guess blog post titles are like mixtape titles and it’s ok if mine are longer than might be seemly

I am sitting at my desk on a Monday afternoon — for once not completely exhausted, even though the piles of grading are growing dangerously high.

And I think the reason I’m not exhausted, not so caught up in my own head that all I want to do is just lay down, has to do with the following things:

  1. There are only 8 weeks of school left!
  2. I just started listening to Alan Morinis’s Everyday Holiness on audiobook and it’s making me think, making me feel inspired, and in touch with my self-that-is-not-a-teacher
  3. R & I had a lovely, cozy Sunday that included reading in bed, roasted broccoli, and lots of coffee. I’m coming into the week emotionally full.
  4. Speaking of reading — I’m about half way through Americanah (I’m late to the party, I know). While I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts when I’m finished, for now I am just luxuriating in it. I like stories told slowly — an unhurried unfolding of lives over great emotional, temporal, and geographic distances.
  5. There are exciting writing projects on the horizon, including this blog!
  6. My Instagram updated and now I get the faux-iPhone X Portrait Mode options, so I can take happy selfies like this!



So here is this blog’s manifesto-in-progress:

  • I believe in creation and not just reaction.
  • I believe in the power of reflection and its necessity to any kind of meaningful growth.
  • I believe reflection and creation happen through intentionality; they will not suddenly appear overnight if I do not work for them.
  • I believe I am happiest, am my best self, when all my selves are balanced (not only Teacher Portia, but Poet Portia, Runner Portia, Friend Portia, Jewish Portia, Daughter Portia, Baker Portia, etc). I believe that this balance must be monitored, maintained, and adjusted in response to the world around me and my changing needs.
  • I believe that community makes all of this easier.

So here’s to semi-regular posting of recipes, musings about God, reflections about writing and literature, and check-ins about the pulse of life here in the East Bay.

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